Privacy policy – a comment is based in Sweden and has been providing encrypted VPN connections since 2008. Sweden is a great country, it has some of the strongest personal integrity protection by law in the world. This is the reason that has been able to provide the service without to keep logs, swedish law do not require us to do so. In fact, it is possible that swedish law actually prohibits us to keep logs due to the way our billing cycle is setup. Anyway, to summarize, the fact that we own and manage all our swedish servers ourselves in a 10 Gbps datacenter, combined with the swedish law, is what enables us to provide a qualitative and secure service.

This post aims to clarify our updated privacy policy. A touch of transparency.

Why is the privacy policy updated?
As you can see, we have updated our privacy policy:

The update is that we now need to keep certain logs from our non swedish servers. This is because many users have requested us to launch more servers across the world, and this is not a bad idea since it allows all users to bypass geo blocks etc. However, when we have physical servers in other jurisdictions, even though the judicial situation is everything but clear, it is possible that we are subject to these other countries laws, more specific, data retention laws. As it is our ambition to provide the service on a long term basis, obviously it is not an option to systematically break the countries in which we keep our dedicated servers laws.

Our options were, not to launch servers in other countries than Sweden and continue with our no logging policy, or to launch servers in other countries and continue with our no logging policy only on our swedish servers, we chose the latter one.

If you use other VPN providers from time to time who are not based in Sweden, you should ask yourself what their logging policy looks like. If they say that they do not log anything, they probably either lie or break the law. If not, it would be valuable to learn about their setup.

How does this affect your use of the service?
As you can see in our privacy policy, we apply a no logging policy on all swedish servers, and a 30 day logging policy on the other servers. At this point, it is important to remember a few of things:

- On all swedish servers, there is still a NO LOGGING policy.

- We do not monitor any traffic what so ever. On the non swedish machines we store ip addresses and time stamps of login and logout.

- It is not important from where you connect, what is important is to which server you connect. For example: a person from UAE who connects to a swedish server is subject to the swedish no logging policy. A person from Sweden who connects to a US server is subject to the logging policy.

So basically, if you are looking for security and personal integrity you connect to our swedish servers.

Btw: an upgrade to the new client and pptp protocol will be launched very soon.

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22 Responses to Privacy policy – a comment

  1. Nate O says:

    Great that you inform us, and can’t wait for the PPTP :D

  2. hvo says:

    How about servers in Russia also, i don’t think they have data retention laws

  3. Nana says:

    This is great to read in black and white. Thanks for being transparent like this. This is the best compromise for privacy and international IP choice

  4. LaLa says:

    Server in Russia would be great

  5. Andreas says:

    Well, that is the reason why I did stop using anonine, cause they did start logging. So it is good to see that you still save no logs, But I really think 30 days is quite a lot of time, it would feel a lot better if you could short it down to 14 days..but I guess there might be laws preventing you from do that.

    However though I did before prefer the Netherlands and danish server cause they are actually faster to me (100 mbit fiber), not in bandwidth, but the response time is almost 60-75% better then on the Swedish servers. One reason might be that their is in general heavier work load on the swedish servers…or there is a bottleneck some where. I usually get 10 to 12 ms response time on, and I get about steady 4ms on Danish/Netherlands server.

    I hope we do not underestimate the response time, it is actually the response time what makes the surfing faster… And I am surfing it is not hard to see the difference between 4ms and 10-12 ms. and especially when you are gaming response time is very important. So I hope that there will be some focus to improve the response time.
    I could easily pay 20sek extra to connect to a more “dedicated” server which have better priority and that does guarantee better response time and also the best bandwidth possible. But the best solution would really be to improve the response time on ALL servers…

    I wish it was possible to see in the GUI how much work load is each server, if for instance SE01 have 80% workload I would prefer to use s02 which maybe only have 30%. Maybe the “use random sever” function is checking which server has most free resources at the moment and connect to the one with best resources, already ? or is the selection process just random ?

    I agree with LaLa, a Russian server would be interesting, but I have limited knowledge about their laws, but considering the amount of corruption this country maybe it would hard to feel safe using a server from that Country, the same with the american server, I would never in a million years dare to connect the American server.
    Yeah but a Russian server would be nice, but then you have to prove it is reliable.
    Depending on what Laws Russian have and if the server will be safe… I think the Russian server if I get as good speed as I get on the others then I think the russian server till be my first choice. The Russian right system is very slow and their is a very
    nonchalant attitude towards file sharing crimes in general.

    And thumbs up for offering the PPTP service soon, it will come in good use for my Smartphone. The bad thing is that since you want to be connected 24/7 on your smartphone you will need two accounts from vpntunnel one for Openvpn and one for PPTP . So I hope the PPTP will be cheaper then the openvpn servervice.

  6. Vpnstar says:

    I hope the new client will have a better connection guard, my main wish is that I would like the connection guard to kill/block the whole internet connection when VPN goes down instead of individual programs. There is too many programs to add in the list, and there is too many background programs who send information without your awareness. It is simply a way more simple and is the only safe solution.
    Also I have heard the connection guard is buggy, does not work for some programs etc, that is the reason why I have not dared to use it yet.

    I would love to see if there was any other solution though, if you could do it in your firewall, for instance Comodo firewall ?
    But I have no idea what rule(s) to apply to do this.

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  8. noone says:

    How i can exclude the non sweden server in openvpn.conf? (linux of course)

  9. noone2 says:

    How i can connect to sweden servers in linux?

  10. firlefanz says:

    Server in the Ukraine would be nice
    Pls check this Hosting-Service

  11. Nana says:

    I keep getting “ERROR: –dev tun also requires –ifconfig” over the last week or so when I try the swedish servers :( . Am I the only one? And if so, how do I fix it?

  12. Steve says:

    I agree with Andreas, I would love to have a feature on the client to see the server loads and servers. The other VPN providers I have had before have these and they are very useful because sometimes I find I have to disconnect and reconnect until I find a server with good speeds.

    Otherwise, this has been the best VPN service I have had yet! Keep up the wonderful work guys!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Germany, The Czech Republic and Romania have no enforceble data retention laws. Nor does Canada, Russia or the US for now.

    So why do you keep logs for Germany and the US, when there is no clear requirement to do so?
    In addition, it’s far from clear that a VPN provider is an internet service provider subject to mandatory data retention rather than an online service.

    You should at least not keep any logs for Germany, where the constitutional court held that mandatory data retention violates human rights. If you want to keep logs as a matter of policy you should be upfront about whether the decision is legally required or just precautionary.

  14. jeff says:

    great service, id love to have russia & canadien server access

  15. dave says:

    UK server would add to your great service

  16. Robert says:


    Say I already purchased a VPN from you which is located in Sweden.
    Now I purchase a VPN from you located in a country where you have to keep logs.
    Is it possible to first connect to the VPN located in Sweden (without logging) and then passthrough to the other VPN (with logging) ?
    If so, would this not negate the logging “issue” ?

    • Solution is to run OpenVpn over PPTP(easier on windows platform).
      1st setup a pptp session with relakks(also Swedish), not forgetting to DISABLE under the networking tab of the network connection properties; the option “File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks”. Also under the networking tab set the VPN type to PPTP, NOT automatic. PPTP uses embedded windows functions that will allow the TUN/TAP functionality of the OpenVpn session to run inside it. So when initially connecting to the internet, 1st run the PPTP session from Relakks, then after run the OpenVpn from vpntunnel. On the Dashboard of the vpntunnel GUI, you will see under the ‘assigned ip address’ the ip-address of the vpntunnel server, and under the ‘original ip address’ you will see the ip address of relakks. In effect the vpntunnel servers outside Sweden will see the ip address of Relakks in Sweden; and Relakks has a strict no logging policy. The only down side is that functions like ‘connection guard’ will not work with PPTP, but the OpenVpn link is embedded within it, so if you have connection guard enabled for the OpenVpn session, if the Relakks PPTP session fails, the only thing that would be visible on the internet connection would be keepalives to the vpntunnel servers, your ip address would be safe. For extra paranoia , you could also install a firewall that ONLY allows the passage of port 1723, which is the port used for PPTP, so if the Relakks PPTP session fails ALL internet activity would cease.

  17. Hi, is there anybody know, where i can get free VPS hosting for windows? Please provide link.?

  18. Nate says:

    Why don’t you, as a company, respond to these comments? Lame.

  19. WANG BIG BROTHER! says:

    HI everybody this privacy service is so GREAT.INTERNET SURFING.

  20. buy vpn says:

    UK server would add to your great service

  21. ngc3773 says:

    I’m using VPN tunnel for a year now… very satisfied!
    But it would be even greater with a French server!

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